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Please be a foo and Donate

OHERN staff, researchers and volunteers donate their time, energy and money.  In other words, they work for free and get to pay for everything too. 

Many of the projects like going to Washington D.C. to lobby members of congress seeking their support for OHERN and passenger rail in Ohio, producing brochure boards for Train Day in Toledo, mailings, printing, web services and travel to rail and transit meetings around the state all cost money.  We can use your financial support to keep advocating for passenger rail, public transit and cost-effective transportation solutions across Ohio and the midwest.

OHERN is the educational and research division of All Aboard Ohio, the state’s oldest and most respected rail advocacy organization.  All Aboard Ohio is incorporated as a non-profit association and exempt from federal income tax under the IRS Code, section 501(c)(3), as a publicly supported educational organization.  All donations to OHERN are processed through and accounted for by All Aboard Ohio, meaning your donations to OHERN are tax deductible. 

Currently, OHERN can receive payments only by check.  We are working to receive donations online by credit card and paypal and hope to have that available soon.

Checks can be mailed to:


c/o All Aboard Ohio

850 Euclid Avenue Suite 1026

Cleveland, Ohio 44114-3357

Please write “Friends of OHERN” on your check.

Thank You!

*the etymology of the word foo has an unusually rich and somewhat mysterious history.  In computer science, the term refers to a metasyntactic variable, a placeholder or alias.  What makes this especially interesting is that in computer science circles the term originated among a student group in 1946 working on one of the early mainframe computers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The students programmed the $3 million dollar mainframe to automate a network of model trains. The group’s name: “Tech Model Railroad Club.”  The organization is active to this day on the MIT campus.

The “friends of foo” train design is a modification of the “friends of the O-train” logo.  Our thanks to that organization for their creativity, inspiration and good work in supporting public transit in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario.

             OHERN Institute  •  Bowling Green, Ohio 43402  •  A Research Division of All Aboard Ohio

friends of OHERN (foo)*

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