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The OHERN Plan is more than just an enhancement of Ohio’s transportation system. 

In addition to supporting a network of interurban trains, the plan calls for the creation of a tightly bound network of college campuses, with implications beyond transportation.

When adopted, the OHERN plan would give Ohio something special, something unique.  Ohio would have created a network of passenger rail and public transit whose purpose first and foremost would be the strengthening of higher education - the key institutional force behind knowledge creation and learning in Ohio. 

From Lake Erie in the north to Cincinnati, Portsmouth and Athens in the south, from the Ohio River in the east to the Indiana boarder in the west, colleges and universities would be physically linked together by rail.  In the process, OHERN’s transportation system would form the backbone of a comprehensive statewide passenger rail & transit network effectively tying Ohioans to other transportation networks, like higher speed rail and airports.

OHERN creates an exciting transportation environment with new possibilities.

You can help create that environment.

OHERN needs the support of everyone, especially students and faculty. If you can envision the potential and the advantages to creating such a system and what it can mean for education, the environment, jobs, the economy and our place in the world, then help us.


  1. 1. Talk about OHERN.  Tell others about the plan and ask them what they think.  Everyone may not understand it or like it at first, but once they know more and what it means for lowering the cost of transportation, enhancing education, job creation and giving seniors and the disabled mobility choice they will want an OHERN train going through their town.  Young and old alike are going to love OHERN.

  1. 2. Follow OHERN on Twitter @OHERN_OH.

  1. 3. Tweet about OHERN’s plans to your friends.  Tell people that having all the campuses linked together by trains is going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Well, maybe don’t say anything about sliced bread, but help us get the word out.  And encourage your friends to follow us on twitter.  That’s important.

  1. 4. Like us on FACEBOOK.  Go to OHERN’s Facebook page and participate. Tell your friends to do the same and bring your ideas and photos.  If you’re riding Amtrak or traveling to Europe in the coming months, be sure to add your impressions and photos to OHERN’s Facebook page so others can see how much fun it is to travel by train.  Many that advocate for passenger rail in Ohio often have spent time in Europe traveling on a EuroRail Pass.  They know how nice it is, how convenient, economical and safe it is to take the train, and they want it here.

  1. 5.Tell others that if they want to learn more about the OHERN Plan to visit OHERN.ORG web site.  Tell them to read our Plan page. 

  1. 6.We’re also on Tumblr @ohern-oh, and Pinterest @OHERNohio.  Check us out.

  1. 7.Ask your school or town paper to do a story on OHERN and passenger rail in Ohio.  Ohio has a rich history and long tradition of passenger rail.   Did you know, for instance, that having passenger rail facilities was one of the reason small towns like Bowling Green and Kent were selected as sites for state universities.

  1. 8.When you tell others about OHERN, encourage them to visit OHERN.ORG.  Tell us about your efforts on OHERN’s Facebook page.  We love to hear what’s happening on campuses across the state.

  1. 9.Volunteer to become an OHERN campus representative. Contact our Campus Coordinator to learn more. We need reps at every public and private university, branch campus, college and community college in Ohio advocating for OHERN and passenger rail.  Or think about forming an OHERN subcommittee as part of your campus sustainability and environmental organization.  Smart and environment friendly transportation is essential to campus sustainability.

  1. 10. Download a PDF copy of one or both of our brochures.  The first brochure is oriented toward students, the other, toward seniors.  Both provide a straightforward overview.  E-mail the PDF to a friend or print and give to someone you think might be interested in learning more about the plan.  Also think about giving a copy to one of the reporters or editors of your school newspaper.  Campus newspapers should be advocating for cleaner, smarter transportation choices for students and faculty.

Be a FOO. (Friend of OHERN)  OHERN accepts monetary donations (as well as your time, energy and good ideas) through All Aboard Ohio, it’s parent organization.

We are a grassroots organization rallying students, faculty, businesses and social agencies everywhere to improve mobility choices for everyone, which means we need your help.

We also encourage you to become a member of All Aboard Ohio, the largest rail advocacy organization in Ohio.

All Aboard Ohio is OHERN’s parent organization.

             OHERN Institute  •  Bowling Green, Ohio 43402  •  A Research Division of All Aboard Ohio


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