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Stay in touch while on the move

It’s easy to follow us through one or more of the main social media sites we use to share information about OHERN’s latest plans, research, activities, events and happenings around the country.

Join OHERN’s Facebook page for the latest news, plus some great input from others interested in seeing the OHERN plan advanced.  Join the conversation.  Put your ideas out there.  You have a voice in all this since OHERN is going to be your transportation system.

Follow us on Twitter @OHERN_OH and be sure to encourage others to follow our twitter feed as well.  It’s important we work together through twitter since it is one of the best ways we can get the word out fast on action efforts.

Tumblr is a great blog site where we will be adding some cool material.  Check us out on tumblr @ohern-oh

And look over our photo bulletin boards on Pinterest @OHERNohio covering rail, sustainability, the Ohio college and university presidents who made a commitment to sustainability and Ohio’s “rail schools.” 

For information about becoming a campus representative or ideas on what you might want to do to help promote OHERN on your campus, e-mail our state campaign coordinator, Roger Shope.

If you are writing an article for your student newspaper, other media or need further information about OHERN and passenger rail efforts in Ohio, e-mail the director, Dr. Jerry Wicks.

And thanks for participating and helping build a more sustainable and less polluted Ohio, where everyone will have more choices in how they want to travel, whether it’s by foot, bike, car, bus, plane or train. 

Let’s work toward offering as many of these choices as possible and let’s design it so that different modes of travel are coordinated and tied together.  When you get off the train you want to have the choice of hopping on a transit bus, taking a taxi, riding a bike or walking to your destination.  And following your visit, you want to be able to reverse that process without waiting forever in the freezing rain on some dark street corner.  And you want to know where everything is.  It all has to be linked up and available for viewing on your mobile device.

It’s not rocket science.  We can do this.  And the OHERN plan can be a big part of it.  Help build it by following us online, talking with others about our plans over coffee, tea or a brat an’ beer, encouraging your family and friends to do the same and stepping forward to help when the opportunity arises.

It is going to take time, but by working together we can make this happen.  And it will be fun.

OHERN Institute

168 S. Main St.

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402


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