OHERN improves educational opportunities

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  1. 14 public universities, many of which house world class research facilities available to scientists and students from Ohio and around the world.

  1. 24 university regional branch campuses.

  2. 23 community colleges.

  1. Over 120 adult workforce education & training centers.

  1. 142 private colleges and universities.

  1. Over 500 Museums, including major facilities in each of Ohio’s seven metropolitan areas.

  1. 250 Public Libraries, in addition to college and university collections.

  1. 250 Public Libraries, in addition to college and university collections.

  1. 70 major art galleries, plus hundreds of smaller specialty art centers.

  1. 74 state parks and 6 metropolitan zoos.

Opportunities Await

Many college age students and adult learners forego higher education and the pursuit of additional training because of high transportation costs.  Moreover, once at school, many students can’t afford the expense of exploring the opportunities available on other campuses and throughout Ohio.

Fuel costs, expense of owning a car, inconvenience of fighting traffic and paying for parking discourages many from exploring campuses, museums and libraries in other cities.

The opportunities to hear a world renowned visiting scholar, browse special library and art collections or visit scientific facilities are limited partly by the lack of transportation options.  OHERN lowers this barrier by offering a less expensive, safer and more comfortable means of travel.

New opportunities for learning, training and exploring Ohio’s rich educational, cultural and historical resources will be made available to more people through a low cost passenger rail option.

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