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A series of research studies are underway, and others are being planned.  Output from these efforts will take the form of formal project reports and papers, online maps, web projects, infographic charts and design art.

Projects will cover everything from a series of demographic and economic studies, history web projects and spatial analytics to the design of various infographic charts highlighting the social and economic impact of the college age population on Ohio.

The following projects are being considered:

Social, Demographic and Economic Analysis

  1. Description and further analysis of population and housing counts and characteristics within fixed distances of the  rail corridors selected for the Ohio Hub Plan by the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC).

  1. Description of population and various characteristics within fixed distances of stations selected by OHERN staff on routes chosen for the Ohio Hub Plan by ORDC.

  1. Economic impact study of transportation choice on Ohio’s rural and farming communities.

  1. Transportation cost comparison by zip code and university of traveling by car versus train between home and campus.

  1. Spatial analysis of transportation inequity.

  1. Trends and differentials in Ohio  transportation equity by race, gender and age.

  1. Estimating the impact of the OHERN option on a campus sustainability score.

  1. Applying the OHERN Plan to other U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

  1. Historical review:  Railroads and the expansion of higher education in Ohio.

  1. Commute to work patterns in block groups surrounding ORDC identified passenger rail corridors.

Web Projects

  1. Interactive web site permitting individuals to enter home address and school to obtain comparison of costs, time, fuel consumption and pollutants when traveling by car vs. train.

  1. Historical web projects describing transportation technology in the later part of the 19th and early part of the 20th century in Ohio.

  1. Historical Yelp of Ohio.

  1. Online graphic and tabular demo simulation of network.

Architectural Design and Design Art

  1. Posters celebrating the rebirth of passenger rail in Ohio.

  1. Architectural drawings of passenger rail stations:  City, College and Rural.

  1. Infographic charts detailing Ohio’s college population, baby boomers, geographic distribution of the transportation underserved and projected economic development following passenger rail.

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