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Ohio State’s Third Frontier partnerships and collaborations are helping to transform Ohio’s economy in  many areas, including:

  1. Bioproducts: A marriage of agriculture and technology

  1. Accelerating electric vehicles

  1. Transforming food and waste into useable energy

  1. Chemical looping for clean coal energy

  1. Next-generation biomedical imaging

  1. Biomedical informatics: Integrating information to enhance health outcomes

  1. Enhanced propulsion systems for Ohio’s aerospace industry

Teaming up for Knowledge Creation

Ohio is investing nearly $2 billion in advanced, collaborative research at universities and industrial research facilities statewide.  The Third Frontier Program involves scientists at nearly every one of the state’s 14 universities and many of the leading industrial research centers. As the following paragraphs from Ohio State’s own Third Frontier efforts indicate and the map below illustrates, collaboration is seen as essential and those collaborative networks involve individuals and facilities  statewide.

“Ohio’s Third Frontier Program invests in targeted innovation and technology to position Ohio for success in the emerging global economy. The state’s $1.6 billion program to develop industry clusters in targeted high-tech sectors has already changed Ohio’s economic landscape in such areas as biomedical imaging and advanced materials. As of June 2011, the $764 million expended thus far in Third Frontier funds have leveraged over $6.6 billion of additional funding and created an estimated 79,464 direct and indirect jobs. Over 700 companies have been created, capitalized, or attracted to Ohio by Third Frontier funds. In May 2010, Ohio voters approved a bond issue that will provide an additional $700 million of funding over four years, extending the Ohio Third Frontier Program through 2015.”

“The Ohio State University is proud to be a partner in this unprecedented economic initiative. Our Third Frontier activities have created new partnerships and enhanced existing ties with other Ohio universities and industries. Ohio State’s 60 Third Frontier projects have fostered new technologies critical to economic growth across the state, created state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories, strengthened university-industry collaborations, and facilitated commercial product development. Our collaborations with more than 200 businesses across the state have resulted in the launch or attraction of 26 companies and the filing of 125 patents. These Third Frontier partnerships will continue to attract pre-eminent researchers to Ohio; educate, attract, and retain a highly-skilled workforce; and shape the infrastructure that will produce high-paying, high-tech jobs for Ohioans for many years to come.”

“The full impact of Ohio’s Third Frontier Program has yet to be realized. The discoveries made possible by these investments will serve as the cornerstone for future growth of a technology-oriented economy in Ohio and the nation. Ohio State looks forward to expanding partnerships with Ohio industries, universities, and laboratories to fuel Ohio’s emergence as a major contender on the global stage of the 21st century.”

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